Good Media Incorporated

Incorporated in 1985 as a Production & Technology company that builds & maintains computers to generate media content in various formats. GMINC is continuously refining independent methods of delivering content using the internet hosting services of GoodMedia Online Inc.

GMINC has Partner Agreements with:

APC / Eaton
OpenText / FirstClass
Kerio Technologies, Inc.
– Scott studied at Apple Canada, GMINC operated as an independent Apple Dealer 
+ Service & Repair Technician in the 1990’s

GMINC has Reseller Agreements with:

Tech Data
Ingram Micro
TuCows (OpenSRS)


Computer Consulting and Administration:

In the administration of setting up a company on GoodMedia OnLine, or just independently of GMOL, there is often the necessity of providing hardware, software and consulting services that enhance a client’s ability to more effectively use the Internet in general, and GMOL specifically, with their current Desktop, Laptop and Mobile devices…

Scott Goodfellow as Good Media Inc., has been working with computers since 1982 and has accumulated an extensive knowledge base and depth of experience with hardware and software, equally across all versions of Macintosh and Windows operating systems, including supporting applications and utilities, with an emphasis on Media Creation.

core i5 production

With computers continually changing, Scott custom builds turn-key machines using the most efficient computer components available at that time. He maintains and updates corporate computers and personal devices, by updating drivers, applications, operating systems, hardware firmware / BIOS updates, etc… The result is a faster more efficient and reliable machine that stays in service longer by having increased compatibility with current software and security standards, and thereby a happier / less frustrating experience for the client; quality ultimately saves people a lot of time and money in the long run…

GoodMedia clients typically exist via “word of mouth” as there has been no other form of advertising, so clients often tend to know of each other and use GMOL to more easily work together… GoodMedia provides the integrated tools and server environments to enable more direct relationships through collaboration – achieved mostly, through very secure email, augmented by an integrated website.

Computer Networking:

Being on call 24 hours a day and running a “24 by 7” system the size of GoodMedia OnLine for over twenty years has provided hard won lessons and very consistent results. Many current clients have been hosted on GoodMedia since it’s inception in 1991. Scott offers this “front line” experience to configure, monitor and maintain client’s data networks, server and client machines on a hourly, daily, monthly, and annual basis.

GoodMedia OnLine Inc.

Is Pri­vate “Cloud” Host­ing. GoodMedia securely hosts and man­ages the core ser­vices needed by businesses and entrepreneurial individuals. GoodMedia provides specialized, more personally focused services when compared with the large ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who typically sub-contract hosting services as a subsidized sideline. GoodMedia, as your independent core services, enables you to move your internet connection seamlessly between internet providers around the world (like Bell & Rogers in Canada), with no effect on your core services; domains, email & web.

SV02bHosted eMail:

OpenText FirstClass
Kerio Connect

Hosted Web Sites:

Open Source – PHP
Microsoft – .NET
Adobe – ColdFusion

Hosted Domains:

Reseller / Registrar with TuCows (OpenSRS)
4, Microsoft 2012 DNS Servers
Active Directory 2012

Hosted Databases:

Apple FileMaker Pro
Microsoft SQL
Oracle MySQL

Hosted Files / Storage:

FTP Sites

Hosted Virtual Machines:

WIN Server 2012 Datacenter
Windows 10