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Scott Goodfellow 1982

Scott Goodfellow 1982 Studio

These tracks were recorded in the 1980’s using what ever technology I could get my hands on in those years. Sometimes the constant building of the recording “Rig” became as integral to the “sound” of the music as the music itself, and below are some tracks that came out of that period, mostly using Teac 4-track tape decks, both open reel and cassette.

My “goal” in that day & time, was to move to Toronto and get a coveted record contract, based on the demo tracks included on this page. I had hoped to record these demos “for real”; in a real studio with real musicians and release them with the help of a Record Company, to then be played on the Radio… just like Billy Joel. Seemed doable at the time…

Eventually the big day arrived; I was offered a Record Contract. I was there in the Toronto office of the Record Company and I had read over the fine print in their contract. I asked how I was ever going to pay back the cost of my recording and promotion from the few pennies per dollar stated in the contract. He pointed to a pile of paper on his desk and answered “there are so many more behind you; you either take or leave it”. I left it, because by then Robin King at Sheridan College had introduced me to the Internet. No one else I knew had even heard about the internet at that point, and I thought I was in on a secret (!) When I saw this David Bowie interview in 2000, he confirmed enough for me back then to think that artistic independence was achievable on the Internet. Independence was the primary reason GoodMedia was built for. David Bowie was right.

So instead of recording songs every day, the goal gradually changed to building the GoodMedia machines to independently distribute and sell my own tracks worldwide. It’s been a long journey and during that time most everything about the “record industry” has completely changed. While the Servers have taken many forms over the years, recording and playback technologies have also changed; all the physical recording equipment used in the recordings and images on this page are now brilliantly modeled and simulated as 64-bit plug-ins running in Pro Tools on my Apple computer. I now have the sonic freedom to record anything that I can possibly think of, and so too of course, can everyone else.

The constant technical changes have seemingly become a “stumbling block”, by having to constantly relearn my creative process, in and of itself… I still hope to find time to re-record these songs with the amazing technologies available to me now, but in the meantime I decided to add my original demo tracks to share freely “as is”, if only because; I can.

The rest, and present day, is for another day… in the meantime, below are three Playlists; Instrumental, Vocals, and Band tracks. There are also links to individual track pages for the lyrics and further information about each track. I hope you will hear something that you enjoy…


Stream The Instrumental Tracks:

  1. Midnight Flight Scott Goodfellow 1:44
  2. Rained Out Scott Goodfellow 1:47
  3. Demo Scott Goodfellow 1:05
  4. Beautiful Scott Goodfellow 2:51
  5. Quiet Theme Scott Goodfellow 3:38
  6. Karen's Song Scott Goodfellow 2:22
  7. Latin Recovery v1 Scott Goodfellow 1:21
  8. Latin Recovery v2 Scott Goodfellow 1:28
  9. OmniQ Master Scott Goodfellow 2:48
  10. Requium Scott Goodfellow 1:43
  11. Sirens Scott Goodfellow 4:55
  12. Turn To You (1986) Scott Goodfellow 3:42



The Vocal Demos:



Can’t Make Up Their Minds
Children’s Children
Shining like Diamonds
Dirty Windows
Letting It Ring
Standing Still
A Part Of Me
Waiting For The Lies
When Things Go Wrong

Stream The Vocal Tracks:

  1. Childrens Children V2 Scott Goodfellow 3:42
  2. When Things Go Wrong Scott Goodfellow 3:24
  3. Dirty Windows Scott Goodfellow 3:54
  4. Us Scott Goodfellow 3:39
  5. Halfway V1 Scott Goodfellow 3:17
  6. Can't Make Up Their Minds Scott Goodfellow 2:53
  7. Waiting For The Lies Scott Goodfellow 3:21
  8. Diamonds Scott Goodfellow 2:44
  9. A Part Of Me Scott Goodfellow 2:16
  10. Halfway V2 Scott Goodfellow 3:29
  11. Childrens Children V1 Scott Goodfellow 3:54
  12. Standing Still Scott Goodfellow 2:47

The Goodfellow Band:

1982 Goodfellow Band
Long Time Without Love
Midnight Caller
Mary Jo

I Don’t Believe In Love

Keeping Score
Do It Now
She’s Letting Go

Stream The Band Tracks:

  1. Long Time Without Love - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 4:16
  2. Jo - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 2:38
  3. Midnight Caller - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 3:03
  4. MaryJo - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 3:35
  5. I Don't Believe In Love - Studio Scott Goodfellow 5:09
  6. Keeping Score - Studio Scott Goodfellow 3:25
  7. Do It Now - Studio Scott Goodfellow 2:23
  8. She's Letting Go - Studio Scott Goodfellow 4:52