goodfellow band

1982 Goodfellow Band1982 was my graduate year at Grant MacEwan University, in Edmonton, Alberta. This was the first year the school offered an 8 track recording course, and the new faculty needed functional bands to test out their shiny new equipment… so I saw an opportunity to start a temporary “pick up band” from the very best players in the school, and since I couldn’t play Billy Joel songs anymore, I wrote and recorded my own charts for this band…

Live To 2 Track were some of the rehearsal tapes recorded as gradual practice for the multitracked versions and live concert recordings, also all recorded as student practice… The “band” was only ever “together” for a few practice days, so everybody had to read charts to remember their parts; and it was a very cool chance to learn live recording for some incredibly cool music students, in the 1980’s…

Blink, and it is now a fond, fun moment in the past;

goodfellow band:

Keyboards & Vocals: Scott Goodfellow
Guitar: Len Rosenfeld
Guitar: Guy Saddy
Drums: Michael Sabourin
Bass: Mark Kotaska & Gary Myers
Sax: Dave Babcock
Background Vocals: Laura McDougall & Pat Lancaster

Words & Music by Scott Goodfellow

Live to 2 Track

1982 Rehearsal Recordings of the ‘goodfellow band’ live from the studio floor, direct to 2 Track stereo tape… at Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton Alberta.

Long Time Without Love
Midnight Caller
Mary Jo

  1. Long Time Without Love - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 4:16
  2. Jo - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 2:38
  3. MaryJo - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 3:35
  4. Midnight Caller - Live to 2tr Scott Goodfellow 3:03


The Studio Recordings…

Right after graduation, the above recordings caught the attention of a TV Producer in Calgary, who just happened to need local bands to record for a Marilyn Denis television vehicle called “Calgary’s New Music”. I was offered the chance to make 4 more new Multitracked Recordings of the ‘goodfellow band’, but now in a 16 Track studio, plus make Videos for 2 of the tracks, for airing on National Television that same year – all at no cost, or payment. Mostly the same Edmonton band members assembled in Calgary, rehearsed over the weekend and we pulled it off on the Monday – we barely slept. Pure adrenalin, stress and so much fun.

These were the resulting 4 new songs, and the 2 videos that aired on the show;

I Don’t Believe In Love
Keeping Score
Do It Now
She’s Letting Go



  1. Keeping Score - Studio Scott Goodfellow 3:25
  2. I Don't Believe In Love - Studio Scott Goodfellow 5:09
  3. Do It Now - Studio Scott Goodfellow 2:23
  4. She's Letting Go - Studio Scott Goodfellow 4:52