It / The Credo

…I believe that all people, perhaps as a collective consciousness, perhaps only on a primary “gut” level, are beginning to understand what the now obvious outcome of over population and over development means to our finite home on this planet.

I am firmly convinced that we as a human species are on an accelerated course of permanent self destruction… and if it isn’t a total meltdown, then what will remain for our future generations will be increasingly far less in terms of environmental protection and “traditional lifestyle” than the very real changes we are already experiencing globally…

Unless more people communicate more effectively, more often, and without restrictions, and through this then, a heightened education of the entire populace moves us toward becoming collectively enlightened toward the preservation of both self and species… well… we might all still have a distant chance… and maybe eMail and the World Wide Web is our collective chance to effectively communicate and learn from each other… maybe… but, I very definitely fear for this world, and for the diversity of life that lives here…

With each new day of life that I am given, I try to further develop and tune an “educated intuition”; I learn new things as I find them and I find new things as I do them.

I dearly love the people who take their time to teach me things… any thing. Creation and discovery is what drives me on every level, and to that end, each and every new day brings someone and something new. With that in place, my life is deeply satisfying…

I have taught College and University students about digital audio and digital communications for many years, which has been a very warm experience to say the least… but if I could teach anything well, I would wish to clearly and definitively persuade that we are all here on “mother earth” to learn to grow in spirit – together as a global species, and also as distinct, unique individuals.

That… is “it”.

“It” is the awareness that true spirituality is not a religion to fight and kill for, to be searched for in books, or paid for to mortal preachers… but simply that one’s own clear and clean spiritual truth already exists in the deepest core of one’s very own ‘heart & soul’. It is there within you from the moment you arrive, and I personally hope, it is the one thing that you are able to keep when it is time to leave… and leave we do; and of only that, I am completely certain.

My impression of this world is to believe that we are all infinitely connected, and that to tap into the source of the electric pulse that drives us, and which surrounds us in all living things, you really can do it all by yourself, in your own time, and in your own creative way. It is not the destination of this life that matters, it is instead the journey from moment to moment… now.

It most certainly requires a true patience and self discipline to achieve. Mostly through constant Education and Communication one begins to develop a conscious awareness, an understanding of the value of moderation and constant maintainance, and of a wholesome patience with one’s mortal self – to then better enable safe passage with those who share your journey, to communicate and learn with you to adapt to the endless changes up ahead… one step, and one day at a time. That’s; it.

Scott Goodfellow – Dec. 1992