I want to try to keep it alive
Cause when you're near,
it's shining like Diamonds

See, and you'll see; nothing's for free
And fight when you're sure
Sure that you're shining
Shining like Diamonds, in those eyes

You would hide in me when things weren't always going your way
And should I lie to you and tell you what you want me to say ?

Cause I'm here, holding you near
And if you're unsure
Sure that you're shining, shining like Diamonds
In those eyes

You're Shining like Diamonds
Shining like Diamonds
You're Shining like Diamonds in these eyes


Tascam PortaStudio 4 track
Keyboards & Vocals: Scott Goodfellow
Guitar: Len Rosenfeld

Yamaha CP-70B
Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer
Moog Minimoog Synthesizer
Oberheim DMX Drum Machine

Written, Produced & Performed by Scott Goodfellow / © 1982 Good Media Inc.

Scott Goodfellow, standing in his Grandfather's field

Toronto ON, Canada

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