What I do

I look for ways to help people; specifically with their daily use of technology.

I learn, maintain, build, fix, upgrade, and solve people’s technology issues “for a living”. It’s not easy, and it’s actually “fun”, sometimes.

I’ve been building things for as far back as I can remember; from Meccano and LEGO, from model cars to restoring classic cars; these days it’s computers, networks, EV & solar. I’ve been tinkering for most of my life with what are basically “puzzles” to me. I work to solve and complete large and small technical puzzles for GoodMedia OnLine Inc., and I apply that accumulated experience as Good Media Inc., to offer reliable cloud data services to people who appreciate and value their privacy.

As a domain Registrar, I register new domains, transfer and manage existing domains; I host these domains on GoodMedia’s domain name servers (DNS), and administrate secure email & web sites using GoodMedia’s multi tiered, clustered server “cloud” environment.

People trust me to help them manage their core personal data.

I typically get introduced as “our IT guy”, or the ‘go to guy’ who manages the updates and upgrade cycles. From a cursory or in depth assessment I am able to discuss a client’s working methods and requirements, and match that with the current technologies of the day. I build new, or upgrade existing client devices, machines or servers, toward achieving a more efficient and secure working method. In other words; long term Management & Administration.

core i5 productionPartner Agreements:

Being in Toronto, Canada has many benefits, one being that Intel, Apple and Microsoft have “boots on the ground” here, and so too do many other technology companies. I attend many local Conferences and Trade Fairs every year and the people at these events teach me the current direction of their technologies, and how to “build better”.

I am in awe at how fast things are moving, and sometimes that can be fun, and sometimes not – it’s a fine line that requires steady maintenance; and that’s what I do most days; for myself and for the people who trust and enable me to do that for them… as a service called “GoodMedia“.



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