In our travels, we share similar, familiar stories… it’s how we’ve entertained each other at night, for a few thousand earth years…

Sometimes along the way, you might get a chance to experience people who literally rock your world.

These people don’t bounce off as lightly as most – they help and hinder your journey; they clearly have an impact on you… connecting with people along the way is really what “
it” all comes down to…

These are some of my life's stories… written as best as I can express them as words on a page, of my own connecting moments…

Of Music

The one thing I’ve found that I can always depend on

Of Pain

Surviving a Near Amputation

Hagood Hardy
The Credo

The Meaning of "It"

Billy Joel

A Shout Out to an Original

Hagood Hardy
Hagood Hardy

Mentors are just the Best...

Oscar Peterson

Of Exchanging Lessons with Oscar Peterson

Toronto ON Canada

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