Bill Henderson / Chilliwack

GoodMedia is a very safe, cool place to be…
You rock, my friend!!

Marvin Dolgay / Tambre Productions

Scott; it’s good to know that when the apocalypse happens, we will still be able to email each other.

Doug Bucannan / Granite Partners

Scott; you’ve saved my digital life many times – thank you.

Lawrence M. Pinsky / Journalist

Scott; you are a total Mensch…honestly, one of the very few I’ve known.

Amy Sky

I have been a GoodMedia Client since 1996.

As the choices for web hosting partners have grown over the years, I choose to continue having GoodMedia host my domain services, because for me there is value in hosting my site on a boutique server, where I know my account is important and my needs attended to.

Scott Goodfellow is a committed, caring and responsive business owner who is always ready and willing to go the extra mile to make things run smoothly.


Hope you have a great weekend, and am glad to have such competent help when we need it – which seems to be rather often! Thanks for this Scott. Really appreciate your help and availability.

A point I will continue to reinforce: we are so very grateful for your willing expertise and web wizardry directed toward pulling us internet newbies along and getting this stuff sorted out!

PS: Glad we have full scale, up to date DNS servers that protect against denial of service attacks.

We are always very pleased with what you/GoodMedia offers and the thoughtful, personable way you do so!

You can certainly quote me on that. It captures the way both Chris and I feel. With many thanks and as always; thanks for your work, honesty and expertise.

Authenticity 101

When I decided to start a website for my small business, I was clueless. I did my research and was overwhelmed by all the options. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended Scott at GoodMedia and I was saved!

Not only did Scott explain and manage the basics of securing my domain names and hosting my website and associated email, he supported my decision to build my own website. He patiently worked through all the bugs with me as I brought it to life. I am now the proud owner of a simple website that I created and manage myself.

Over the years I have never had a single issue from the server side of things so I can attest that GoodMedia is very reliable. My favorite part is knowing that when I have a question, there’s a real, live person who replies to my emails promptly with concrete solutions.

I definitely feel known and supported which is why I love being part of the GoodMedia community. I highly recommend Scott Goodfellow and GoodMedia hosting services.

Tormusic Entertainment

Around 2005, when I was designing and trying to install my online business website, I needed technical support for my website and online music contracting business in Toronto.

Scott Goodfellow, owner of Good Media Inc was recommended to me by a good friend, as a consummate professional with the patience and expertise to solve my problems. I contacted Scott and he reviewed and made suggestions about my website, he set up and hosted the domain and business email, and generally educated me to prevent and solve my website and online problems as they have occurred. He is always quick to respond, which I find very important if you are handling much of your business communications online.

As problems arise Scott is unfailingly polite and patient, and always laughs at my opening line, “I know this is a dumb question… but”. Most recently he helped to track down an anonymous source who was tracking and trying to read my email. I was not even aware of that, but was alerted by Scott who helped to solve the problem. He’s the best!

Wren Canzoneri
Tormusic Entertainment

Victor Davies / Lily Pad Productions Inc.

One day in 1998 Scott Goodfellow came to our apartment and put something called “email” on our computer. I couldn’t think what I could possibly use it for. Scott seemed like a nice guy and he was certain it might be useful, so I didn’t resist. From that moment until today Scott and his company GoodMedia have grown from something that might be useful, to an invaluable and necessary part of our lives and business. It seems impossible that was over 20 years ago.

GoodMedia is not only email for both Lori and I and our company Lily Pad Productions, but the host of our ever growing web site, business, sending audio, graphic and video files world wide, mixing on line, etc. etc. – we couldn’t do without it.

As we have grown, Scott and GoodMedia grew with us, always a step ahead, with new services, ever expanding bandwidth, always unfailing service, from the mundane to the complex, at all times of day or night and with unfailing help and courtesy for the non-techno people, here in our secure GoodMedia community.

Many horrors of the web that we have heard of, have never visited us in our wonderful happily guarded world. Many thanks to you Scott for all of your talent, generosity, advice, solutions and unfailing kindness and knowledge.

Victor and Lori Davies (Lily Pad Productions and Golden Toad Music)